Artist Statement

Buckley's practice is rooted in notions of identity and self-presentation. A socially engaged exploration of people and the human condition. How identity is created, developed and performed within individual and social environments. She utilises media including video, photography, text and sculpture and the work often takes place over extended periods of time.

In current work ‘1872 photographs of 2015 ’ the artist shot one roll of 36 exposure analogue film every week for one year. During 2016 she processed, edited and published the images online, month by month, gradually editing the vast collection.

An exploration of how we record and present ourselves, photographic archives become portals into other places and times, helping us understand and situate ourselves and others within the world around us.

In this series Buckley turned her camera to record the minutiae and beauty present within the everyday. Chance found still-lifes, decaying flowers, sunlight and beach scenes weave together to create an intimate view into the life of another. Whilst charting the inevitable passing of time.

Buckley aims to alleviate the definitive scene that a photographic image bestows on memory, to access triggers to more universal memories, and that while remaining intimate, to remove a sense of authorship and instead create an image that is personally evocative to the viewer.

To create images that scratch past the surface and offer something more revealing of our homes, our habits, our relationships, ourselves.


Ildikó Buckley received her MA from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London 2008. With extensive exhibition experience specializing in video, photography and public sculpture she has received commissions from and exhibitions with The Mayor of London's Thames Festival (highlight, 2013)The Secret Garden Party, UK (2011/2012/2013), Secret Arts, The Arts Gallery London (solo work, 2011), OVADA (solo work, 2012), Netil House (solo work, 2013) Worship, Kenny Schachter / ROVE Gallery, London (solo, 2012) curated by Angelica Sule and 20/12 London Art Now (nominated) Armsden and The National Trust. Colouring Life TED x Talk, The Courthauld Institute, London (2014); The video for Jess Glynnes' top ten hit Right Here (2014). Since 2014 she has exhibited with Haute Presents, Berlin including, Opulance, Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, Berlin (2015);Kolner Liste Art Fair, Cologne (2015) and two-person show KITE (2015)Haute Presents, Berlin. In 2017 she will be showing at Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong, and will exhibit her solo show for ‘1872 photographs of 2015 ’ both in Berlin and London, all with Haute Presents.